Friday, November 19, 2010

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Kim Kardashian... Totally Average

Kim Kardashian is SO average. Wait, what?

The New York Times recently did a profile article on Kim Kardashian as she opened up a new jewelry line with Bebe. They interviewed a few adoring fans flocking around the reality tv star, style entrepreneur and sex tapestress (made that one up, but I LIKE it) and asked the fans what Kim represented to them.
Everyone was kind of confused when Kardashian fan, 22 year old Julie Sunday from Scranton PA, said Kim represents, "The average girl." Random blogs have been popping up with MORE articles just about this comment, as everyone scrambles to associate this ridiculously glam girl with the word "average."

Last time I checked the millionaire socialite party scene wasn't available to typical American youth, but hey, I'll roll with it. I mean, if people are famous for being overweight (Biggest Loser), pregnant (Teen Mom), AND/OR just generally obscene human beings (Jersey Shore), then is Kimmy really so special for being famous for being famous? Or is she just famous because she's got sex appeal?

Who knows? But hey, I've got nothing to lose. I'll jump on Sunday's outrageous, nonsensical bandwagon.... Kim Kardashian: gorgeous, rich, skyrocketing celeb status and her own jewelry & clothing lines? Pfft.... SO average.