Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Vanilla Ice Finds His Passion? Coolio Just Getting Weirder


Who would've thought Vanilla Ice would turn out to be a successful general contractor. Damn it's been quite a ride for him since Ice Ice Baby. Definitely an upgrade from his time on Surreal Life with Ron Jeremy and Co. Gotta say I think he'll be alright.

But then we get to Coolio. The more I catch Coolio in the limelight these days the more concerned I become. I mean here's a dude who clearly lost his mind in the midst of his once Fantastic Voyage...kidnapping a college kid and teaching him how to whip up a healthy and inexpensive dinner on Cookin' With Coolio? Just a show I pray I never run into. Can you take it as a productive experience or just realize you've encountered former celeb gone senile. Don't feel obligated to watch the video in it's entirety. I cut it off myself around 1:45 in...Can you do that on your own blog?

Vanilla Ice and Coolio. Modern day entertainment allowing two 90's rappers to expand their business ventures. The American Dream at its finest?

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