Monday, November 22, 2010

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Blake Griffin Is A Monster

^"Everybody knows he's a motherf------ monster!"

I'm not one to use lame catchphrases or quotes, but this man is literally a force of nature. If that force of nature was built exclusively upon the idea of dunking on tall European white guys. There'd be hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, mudslides, and dunks-upon-tall-European-white-dudes as the complete rundown of all things we're going to have to worry about in 2012.

Seriously, I can see it now. The news would be running ongoing stories about how houses in North America were getting wrecked by Earthquakes and tornadoes. India would be erased by an even fiercer tsunami and all of Europe would be decimated by the arrival of Blake Griffin just dunking on all males upon exiting their homes. It'd be a massacre. Just dude after dude with nut imprints on their foreheads wondering what the fuck just happened.

Or 2012 will feature exclusively zombies. Either or really.

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