Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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The Brooklyn Nets Are Probably Going To Win The NBA Championship

My man looking like a Geico caveman out here. I ain't mad at him one bit either. Frankly, it's a miracle Adam Morrison hasn't developed a tragic addition to heroin/crack/meth/JJ Redick voo-doo doll stabbing/pain-killers because that seemed like one of the easiest bets a few years ago.

What would you give to see Jay-Z giving motivational courtside pep-talks to Adam "He's Somehow Gotten Uglier" Morrison? A kidney? A pinkie toe? I honestly can't think of anything funnier than seeing HOV barking orders and Beyonce shielding Blue Ivy's eye's from Morrison's entire body. "Nets can go 0-82, and I look at you like that shit gravy"--No you won't Jay. You'll panic and resign.

PS. Did that reporter quit right after the interview or the next day? When you're interviewing cave-dweller, Adam Morrison, your career is in a weird spot.

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