Monday, May 7, 2012

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I Think The "SocialCam" And "Viddy" Apps Are Setting Human Civilization Back Hundreds Of Years

Is it just me or does every Facebook newsfeed these days feature at least a few, "Six 14-year old girls get into brawl. WEAVE EVERYWHERE LOLZ" and "Cletus tried to jump his bike. Look WHAT HAPPENED" videos from one of these apps? I mainly blame the fact that when you turn 24, the world passes you by at an astonishing rate, but I can safely predict no good can come of this.

You know how many uneducated, irresponsible people own a smartphone? Roughly a zillion. The other day I saw a link to a video from SocialCam that said, "Giant Snake Eats Security Guard." What the fuck? As a blogger, I racked my brain for hours wondering if I should even investigate such a stupid, blatantly fake video. Like, what kind of asshole lacks so much wherewithal and agility that he gets eaten by a snake? And if so, how can anyone stand there and film it without doing anything? That's when I realized the apps won. My IQ has been depleted and I somehow ended up blogging about them.

Hell, I'm inches away from downloading them both and live-blogging to you guys every night. Just me crumpled up against the wall in boxers and glasses with some NesQuik and a questionable TV show on in the background.

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