Friday, May 25, 2012

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This May Be The Funniest Tweet Ever

Light day at Animal Rescue, huh?

I can picture a bunch of dudes in crudely designed animal-related polo shirts half-sleep sitting around one red telephone.

::Phone rings and a startled/shocked Animal Rescue team member answers::

AR: Clears throat, "Um, hello?"

Caller (clearly very old): "Hello, officer. There is a duck wandering the side of the pond and I'm not quite sure it's ok"

AR: "Ma''s a duck. How can you be sure if it's ok or not?"

Old Ass Lady: "It just looks really tired and confused. It would be best if someone came and took a look at it"

AR (mumbles, "Jesus Christ" under his breath): "We're on it, ma'am."

After much explanation and swearing, the Animal Rescue team goes off in search of a presumably "out of it" duck, citing, "Hey, it beats the hell out of pulling cats out of the tree and removing raccoons from garbage cans."

At least that's how I saw this play out in my head.

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