Friday, May 4, 2012

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"Pregnancy Isn't Going To Ruin Prom For Me"--Probably This Girl

Big shout out to the pregnancy prom dress. Some asshole somewhere is receiving real-life currency to outfit pregnant scallywags. Find a market, attack the market-Entrepreneurship 101.

My train of thought is: if you're pregnant, you should probably skip out on prom. You lost that right when you chose to ruin the life of that unfortunate kid you're about to have. But hey, maybe I'm the idiot and continuous dancing, potential alcohol consumption and unprotected sex can help the baby. I'm no doctor, just a simple blogger.

Wonder what happens when they start playing the slow jams. Is it just this chick and a bunch of kids from the AV-club remaining? Sounds depressing.

This picture is flat out disgusting

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