Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Friend's Ask Dub: "What's The Protocol When You Accidentally 'Like' Something On Facebook You Had No Business Looking At?"

Run for the hills, call the FBI and get a new identity, kill yourself? I don't know, but I have never had the unfortunate pleasure of being involved in such a terrifying ordeal.

You have to tread lightly when you deeply involve yourself in the creeping process. Sometimes you find yourself lost in May 2006 and are haphazardly perusing photos. Well that carelessness can get you burned. Accidentally "liking" a bikini picture from roughly 6 years ago is social media suicide. Might as well pack up your profile and move to Antarctica.

There is the magical, yet mysterious "unlike" button made exclusively for people who fuck up. I've accidentally liked some low-risk statuses before and immediately clicked unlike after. Because the stakes were so low, it ultimately didn't matter, but I can't imagine the scenario if it was someone I barely knew. Does the red notification thing still come up? Does the unlike make it go down? Questions we may never get answered.

Worst Case Scenario:

"Susie Q is now single"
::You don't know Susie and accidentally like this status::

I honestly don't see how you don't climb the highest structure near you and jump off. That's truly my best advice

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