Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Before You Decide To Get A Tattoo...

^Gross dude...just gross.

So the big guy has been doing some soul searching on whether to actually get inked up or not. I've been thinking about this for a good five years or so and still haven't made up my mind. To be quite honest it won't actually happen based on the shit I see walking the streets everyday. In light of my indecision here's a hopefully not so offensive top 5 list on what horrible, generic tattoos to avoid.

5) Chinese Symbols Without Confirmation On Exact Meaning: "Nice tat man what does it mean?" "It means Courage. Sometimes I just need that reminder to be strong when I'm going through some hard times..." Whoops, bet you didn't realize that shit's on backwards and it's literal meaning is Big Mistake. Still good work though. Could've been worse I guess?

4) Live Laugh Love: How many chicks out there have this very tattoo on their foot/wrist/potentially tramp stamped? Roughly just under the amount of posters and picture frames hanging in dorm rooms all across the country. We get it. You're arguably happy. You live well, laugh often, love much, and are original.

3) Sports Team Logos: For those devoted fans who think it's only appropriate to plaster their respective team that they decide to watch in the playoffs on their biceps and worse...calf muscles. Sick bro, I'm thinking about getting Microsoft tattooed across my back. Need I say more?

2) GF/BF name: Yikes: I bet Angelina wished she could take that Billy Bob written in bold back immediately after they split. Well the thing is she did. Celebrities get that whole rich, famous and can afford to do stupid shit kind of pass. We don't. So before you get your high school sweetheart tattooed in Comic Sans on your chest when you turn 18...just know that they'll undoubtedly freak out and the fairy tail is over.

1) Anything While Drunk: Sucks to be the dude who blacked out and got Stupid tattooed on his forehead. Yeah he might be dumb but the whole world doesn't need to know. Even if the right idea is there in the process the artist can't be trusted. He could very well ink up a generic plus sign instead of a cross and invite you back to subtract the other arm. Shit ain't right.

All in all, safe to say I'll just stay clean for a while and re-address the idea later.

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