Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Hitting New Highs In Real-Time Response And Overall Punctuality

ALERT: Nerd Post
Dub J: haha how did you get that so quick
Craw: just reading something on the screen and immediately looked down
Dub J: That was timely like a mofo
Craw: Getting sharper
Dub J: Craw. The master of the instant response.

You heard it here. It's time I boasted my real-time talents, taking pride in being the undisputed heavyweight champ in regards to online punctuality. Laugh all you want. I consider it a gift. Whether it's my job allowing too much personal time or sheer insanity, I'll hit you with a social media hammer seconds after you pressed the return key with emphasis.

Facebook-wall-message-waiting is out the window. Don't just sit and walk around for 20 minutes so you can mull up something extra clever. Everybody sees the red flag pop up. Everybody is on Facebook. It's about time we put aside the shame and act like we saw it when we did.

Email threads don't count cause that's just playing with fire. Say something remotely funny and everybody in is dishing out their own two cents. Far too witty to bring my A game. Texting has become my new forte, although I've started to notice a trend in people taking my mastery of the art for granted. "Hey Craw whats goin on tonight" "yo we're just here drinkin some beers come on by"  -No response-

Maybe this all can translate to showing up on time for my real job? Who knows.