Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Couple Demon Babies Gettin' Their Swerve On

If you asked me, "Dub, how do you feel about this video?" I'd say nope like 14 times and douse myself in garlic sauce and holy water. Not answering the question at all, but completely getting the point across. I don't even know what number this would be on the list of reasons I don't want to have kids, but it's got to be up there. Especially identical twins. You best believe one is getting "mixed up" with another batch of babies in another ward. Or tossed in the trash. I'm all set with one.

Grown up twins freak me out, let alone these simultaneously giggling Damiens. Finishing each other's sentences, knowing when they're in trouble, and looking exactly the same just ain't right. Don't give me that, "oh but, George has a microscopic mole under his left ear" bullshit. Two people should not look exactly the same.

Sidenote, was that Dave Chappelle behind the camera? These kids are in stitches.

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