Friday, July 29, 2011

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The Marines Gotta Chill With These Invites

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Do you remember back to your prom season? That was easily one of the most nerve-racking times of my life. Throwing up in my mouth when the girl I wanted to invite said, "Good morning", debating going stag and being a huge loser, and most of all the actual asking process.

Back in 2004 we didn't have any of those fancy Youtubes or Twitters that the kids use today. We had to use grit and determination and an ample amount of whatever cologne we got for Christmas to con girls into going with us. No joke the moment I asked my date to prom, I had a stroke/heart attack/aneurysm at the same time. Just hit the ground slumped against a locker. Obviously threw up in my mouth too. Now I see these marines spending about 3 minutes to get their buddy to videotape a couple jokes and some "I fight for the USA" jazz then next thing you know they're going to Marine Prom with Mila Kunis. Then some overzealous swagger-jacking chick asked Justin Timberlake, who obviously said yes, because the dude just REFUSES to go back into the booth.

Shout out to Scarlett Johannson for straight up declining some herb who thought he could get a piece of the pie. Sorry bro, you work in military IT? Not gonna cut it.

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