Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Anyone Got Something For Me To Watch?

I want to be on my couch potato shit so bad my fingers are salty, but there's simply nothing to watch these days. Literally all my shows/movies are donezo. I've been non-alpha-male-ishly emotional these past few weeks with the end of two of my favorite things: the Harry Potter series and Friday Night Lights. If you combined the welling up of the eyes from the two finales, you can probably create a quality tear. Not embarrassing at all because they were fantastic, and I think I'd fight you for real if you said otherwise. Legit, I'd look up where you checked the post from (analytics let me do that), search phone books, and use weird creatively sketchy apps to find you and challenge you to a Street Fighter-esque duel. Probs lose via Tiger uppercut, but you'd see that my passion was there.

Netflix is really effing me in the A with their "Watch Instantly" selection as of late. I've been crushing "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" with fake passion, just trying to reignite that youthful fire. Not working. Do I go with "Weeds"? I feel that ship sailed for me. If I didn't watch it within the last 5 months, it's probably not getting watched. Anything else out there? I know "Breaking Bad" is legit, but I'm not ready to get my computer I blog with riddled with viruses scavenging some Japanese torrent site. Should I splurge and get the Blu-Ray? Honest to God, I never purchased a Blu-Ray. I feel like that's one of my rights of passage to be a man or something.

I know no one will comment because of these extravagantly tricky CAPTCHAS, but if you can hit me up via Twitter, FB fan page, or if you're weird email me at: WorkingMansDiary@gmail.com. I'm lost.

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