Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Can't Tell If The Tortoise With The Office Chair Wheel For A Leg Is Killin' It Or Not

There had to be a better option than this right? First off, it's not logistically correct at all. His leg is easily 3x bigger than this wheel. Secondly, it's literally an office chair wheel. I'm sitting in one. I looked down, looked at the picture, and looked down again--100% match. Hopefully he has one of those high-end models that don't go rogue and quadruple in speeds when when you back up 2 feet. If he had one of the wheels off my chair, this poor bastard would be slippin' and trippin' all over the African mainland. Predators will feel too bad to chase him.

Despite the photographer's attempt to make this tortoise look remotely badass, you can't look away from the fact that the homie is making power moves on a daily basis with the wheel of that thing the bellboys use to move delicate luggage. No matter how cool you were before this incident, this plummets your swag score.

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