Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Why's Everyone Hatin On That Dude That Forced His Daughter To Kickbox?

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If I have a daughter and I opt out of fleeing the country and abandoning her, this has to be the only option right? It's like I'm killing all necessary birds with one stone here.

-This will prevent ANY boys front wanting her. I remember a kinda cute girl punched me in the arm in 6th grade, and I secretly cried in the bathroom right after it happened. Too emasculated to ever approach her again.

-If she gets a well timed kick to the head, she's probably no use to anyone.

- It'll probably make her a cooler person overall. Way easier to tolerate.

- Like a 75% chance she's a lesbian after it's all said and done.

- She's got my back at the bars when I'm wallowing in self-disgust when I realize I'm still writing this fucking blog at 43 years old and still NO ONE wants to sponsor me.

Kickbox away future Jeezy female offspring.

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