Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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Friends Ask Dub: "Do You Friend Request A Friend's Girlfriend?"

Wow, didn't mean to rip a page out of some LL Bean catalog, but the question has been posed and I'm here to drop my infinite knowledge all over your faces.

Friends are those assholes that sit with you through an entire episode of MTV's "The Challenge" and debate get rich quick schemes 80% the time you are all talking. If you have them now, you're probably going to have them forever, so get used to whatever's happening. That being said, these friends will probably get some unfortunate broad enamored and "in love" and shit. Sucks for all involved, especially the Facebook aspect.

From the start, you have to assess if it's serious or just a one-six time thing. Seventh time means you're dating regardless of what you think. Society just deems you a couple. It's a delicate practice, because I definitely friended a friend's hook-up/on the sly chick and that was just awkward. Chick felt weird and the dude got mad at me. I was just a Facebook rookie and wanted to creep his girl's pics. Nothing weird about that. Then there is the relationship you see that is going a little too well. The one where both parties are REALLY into each other and you know that shit's going to crash and burn in like 724 days. It's almost not worth sending that request out because you know it's going to be one of those, "since you broke up with I have to de-friend her?" situations. That's always tough because those requests tend to coincide with her posting 300 pics of her and her hot friends from various exotic beaches.

The answer is: no. Don't friend request a friend's girlfriend. Let them request you. The only girls you should be actively friending on Facebook should be potential conquests. Girls eligible for the 3am creep attack personal message. Doing that to ya boy's girl will open up a whole new bag of neon super crawler sour worms.

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  1. Anonymous said... July 21, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    spot on man

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