Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Email Threads Are My Nightmare

There's nothing more haunting in the midst of a causal work day than looking over to the bottom left of your respective computer screen at a pop up icon that reads "heyyyy guys" (sigh) And so it begins. Don't get me wrong its nice to hear from the buddies...and sometimes I get sucked in even though at some point I'll get slammed with a stack of papers as the personal pop ups keep rolling in. Around three hours later when it's safe to finally check the typically overzealous thread I'm hit with a good 30 or so one-liners regarding absolutely nothing.

If I don't respond for a while it's clear that the ensuing conversation has inevitably shifted to my absence. "Where's Craw? Haha oh yeah...his job sucks. I've been chillin' with my feet up eating cake all day because everything is so god damn peachy over here. So what's the plan again tonight?"

My email thread efficiency is simply atrocious. Either I'm not contributing at all or I'll come in late and keep it short with something along the lines of "I hate you all"...Yet I still get the nod. At least Dub J is always on the same page. That's one dude I can count on. In each thread that starts up I'll get a chat from him just seconds later stating one of three things: 1) Did you see this shit? 2) How pissed are you right now? 3) Fuck. There will come a day when I no longer make the email thread roster. When that day comes...You know what I think I'll be just fine.

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