Monday, June 27, 2011

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Say What Up To Yoda, The World's Fugliest Dog

Is it me, or is this emaciated pooch desperately gasping for breath? He clearly wants nothing to do with this cup and just wants a bowl of heavily oxygenated water. Maybe an IV, I don't know.

As much as I want to dodge the gross elephant in the room, this dog is a disaster. The equivalent of a 14.0 magnitude quake in his grill. I'd let this dog clean up the food I drop on the ground, but even in my heart of hearts, I can't put my all into caring for Yoda. Despite the awesome name, I can't. Real CGI 850 year old Yoda would fare better at the bars than you, man. Not a good look.

Someone get this dude a Propel and a motorized scooter, because that right paw looks ridiculously out of proportion.

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