Monday, June 13, 2011

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Every Office Would Be Just A Little Bit More Interesting With The "Everything Shredder"

Not sure what this thing is even for aside from human dismemberment, but I can really see it being useful in the office. Paper, broken chairs, cabinets, interns that won't hook up with you, and generic garbage can all be tossed in it.

Real talk, did my man toss a bag of diamonds in there at some point in the video? That shit doesn't even make sense because that's easily millions of dollars of diamonds being tossed into a Venus Fly trap devil machine. Baller, kinda. Wasteful, yes. An odd mix, but we all need to break up the 40 hour week somehow. Maybe dismemberment, blood splatter, and efficient office cleaning is what you need after spending a few years on the grind.

Work sucks. It can't seriously be Tuesday.

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