Monday, June 13, 2011

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Miami Heat Lose NBA Championship Due To Staggering High-Five Disparity

Call me John Hollinger in this bitch. I'm done looking at the standard stats like points, rebounds, and assists. I'm not diving into PER. You got to break it down even further. Overly affectionate dudes win NBA championships. Factual.

High-fives in basketball are a dangerous practice. You really put yourself out there when you toss that hand up in the direction of a teammate. An all-your-eggs in one basket scenario. If that teammate doesn't see your hand, you are left assed out looking like a god damn fool while the entire crowd points and laughs at you. Best case scenario, he slaps hands with you and it's really no big deal. The risk-reward doesn't match up at all. But guess what? I wasn't very affectionate, and I have zero basketball championships to my name. Especially an NBA one.

Simply another case where the cool kid in high school spirals into a life of despair and blogging.

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