Monday, June 6, 2011

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College Was Fantastic

Every so often I kind of need a kick in the pants to remind me of the shit I used to get into back in the day. This post-grad life is slowly killing me and rapidly erasing the memories of my past. It's like I have the plague or some shit. Deteriorating way too fast.

Pictures like these are essentially keeping me alive. Just knowing there are still kids out there putting couches on tops of bunks above other couches let's me know there is still blood in my veins. I bet his roommates came in, saw the couch on the top of the bunk, and proceeded to shrug their shoulders and sit on the other couch. No questions asked. I remember I came back to my house senior year one particularly rambunctious evening and found at least 1000 beers on the ground along with pieces of multiple brooms/mops and possibly a puddle of blood or jungle juice. I gave it a 2 second look over, shrugged my shoulders, and went to bed. Woke up, took my hangover in stride and never addressed what happened.

That's how college works. Get shitfaced, ask no questions, accept your degree, and eventually die.

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