Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Weird Dreams I Have: The Bubble Blaster One

A new segment I'm thinking about starting because I feel like adding some pizazz to this thing. As of late, I've been having some fucked up dreams that I feel need documenting. I usually wake up and forget what happened, but today I decided to catch it. As soon as I woke up from one, I wrote down what I remembered on my phone and went back to sleep. All for you readers. All for you..

Setting: Some future shit. Kind of like Terminator Salvation.

Plot: I'm at war furiously fighting for my life. I'm ripped. Cut up like a Julianne Salad with some Gears of War mega-gun in my hand looking awesome. The dream seems like it's going to be fantastic--aka the necessary fuel needed to get through a Tuesday. It was until I realized I was fighting..bubbles. A constant stream of the most vividly colorful bubbles to ever attack Earth. They didn't even seem threatening. Like if they touched you, it'd be a minor inconvenience, but you'd overall be ok. That was not the case. People were running like Japanese people seeing Godzilla and hipsters seeing the Cloverfield monster. Except they were running from bubbles. I wish I could have woken up then, but I had to deal with the underlying love story and me ultimately suffering a HORRIFIC death by the hands of a god damn bubble.

Probably should be the first and last of this segment, right?

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