Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Tall Man Duties At The Office

Each day at work I'm faced with some sort random task that directly correlates with my height being slightly above average. "Hey, do you mind changing the light bulbs today?" "Can you reach up to this vent up here and fix the AC?" Next time I get asked one of these favors I might just lose it and flash this very diagram. "Sorry bro, what do I look like Sultan Kosen? Figure it out."

It's not my problem that all my co-workers hover around 5'7. Didn't sign up to be the designated tall dude. I work in the web department damnit. I'm here to use my mind, which solely entails mouse clicks and eyes locked in with the computer screen.

Let's not forget the sneaky heavy lifting requests too. "Heyyy big guy - if we could use you for a second to move these desks around that would be fantastic." "New chairs came in today, when you get a chance can you throw a couple of these old ones (all 20 of them) down by the dumpster? Thanks!" Just another Tuesday at the office.

Sidenote: Yeah I'm wearing a 1920's Ivy cap in that picture...rocking the shit out of it too.

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