Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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I Don't Think Cameron Diaz Is Hot

I'll say it. Someone had to. She's been tossing her non-existant ass in our face for years since that stupid Charlie's Angels scene in those wack undies. Now she's fake washing cars every other commercial in that assuredly mediocre movie "Bad Teacher."

Chick's a 6. Your standard trashling that throws on a tight dress, takes a few pouty face pictures, and tries to act like she's hot shit. Nah honey, you're a trash bag in a makeup disguise. Cameron I'm onto you. You snagged the biggest "is he gay?" athlete in the world right now and are trying to re-validate your career. You were hot in "The Mask" and like 65% of "Something About Mary", you can't parlay that into being considered attractive for the next 20 years. It don't work like that here on Working Man's Diary. We expose travesties, like Chris Hanson before he ironically got caught by a hidden camera.

Cameron, if you weren't Hollywood, I wouldn't buy you a Kamikaze shot.

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