Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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If I Was This Rock Duo, Then Massachusetts Was Definitely That Kid On The John Deere Jr.

I'm not going to lie, dude sees a problem and he solves it. Didn't want these broads performing a concert in the backyard while he was trying to get after it on the slip'n slide. Nothing but respect for this young cat.

That being said, a fucking tornado touched down on Mass. tonight. I thought that was the one perk of living in Northeast, no natural disasters. Jokes on me I guess. Just wasn't planning on hiding under the blankets at age 23, hoping for the best. Seriously though, what the fuck does a blanket do? Why is that the #1 choice of "protection" when shit is going down? It's easily the wackest choice in the game. Maybe kevlar? A giant turtle shell? I don't know.

Rapture clock is back on.

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