Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Cat Barks Like Dog, Gets Caught, Then Feels Guilty/Confused And Starts Meowing

This fucking cat is freaking me out. That was the most human reaction I've ever seen from an animal. If I'm caught singing Britney Spears or some other banger people wouldn't expect me to sing, I do exactly the same thing. I look back, collect my thoughts, and start rapping the highest rap song on the Billboard Top 100. Just trying to save face out here. I can respect the hell out of this guy, because he's playing the game like it was intended to be played. He clearly saw some rabbits or some other annoying woodland critter in his lawn taking dumps and what not and felt that his meow wouldn't get the point across effectively. Nothing wrong with digging in the reserves for your secret dog bark to make things happen.

My "fake intimidation voice" would most certainly be a sassy latina. They get what they want when they want.

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