Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Highly Regret Skipping The NKOTBSB Show At Fenway

Yup. That's me right there surrounded by The Backstreet Boys in sheer regret that I didn't attend their monster performance at Fenway Park with New Kids on the Block. God damnit. Just let a once in a lifetime opportunity slip away through pure ignorance. Could've been screaming "Everybody" and "The Right Stuff" with the best of them.

A friend of mine recently posted BSB killing "I Want It That Way" with the Green Monster lit up in the background on my facebook wall. Couple of my Maine buddies asked me if I went to the show. Earlier in the week I got a text from my dad saying they were on Good Morning America...But hold on a second. Why am I receiving all these NKOTBSB tour questions and updates??? Suddenly I'm the go-to guru for washed up boy band performances...Before I was under the impression that I'm a working man in my young 20's too cool to be seen belting out ballads with the old moms and little kids. 

Then it all hit me. Wasn't too long ago when fat-little Craw was rummaging around the pantry for more Wheat Thins in his Scooby-Doo PJ's with Backstreet's Back on full blast (man those were the days). Secret's been out dude. NKOTBSB was fucking awesome 10 years ago, today, and in 20 years down the road.  Can't afford to overlook something this monumental ever again. Simple as that. 

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