Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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The DNA Test That Determines Athleticism May Cause Some Problems

I'm not saying I'd love my kid less based on poor test results, but I'm definitely saying I'd love my kid less if they did poor on the test. It's not my fault or their fault. Just the tale of the tape.

It's like rolling a dice with a baby. Don't know if you're getting a dud or a stud. The fact that you put so much time into trying to figure it out makes you grow to love the kid. Take away the flare and surprise and I guarantee you are not going to see many loveable parent-child relationships. Especially from Papa Jeezy. I can't imagine my conversation with the doctor after a poor result:

Me: Tell me the good news Doc.
Doctor: Unfortunately your son...isn't going to be athletic. At all.
Me: That's not possible. I'
Doctor: I'm so sorry. I hope you can have a good day sir.
Me: Hey Doc, one last question.
Doctor: Yes?
Me: Does that mean I still have to keep it?

On that wildly controversial note, I'm definitely going to wrap this post up. Don't sleep on this test eventually ruining society, because all those meatheads and jocks won't exactly dive into fatherhood with a smile.

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