Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Weirdo Gets Tattoos Of All (Wait For It) 152 Of Her Facebook Friends

I remember when I got 152 friends on Facebook. Took like 6 minutes. Are you kidding me with this shit? It's 2011 and you could only muster up 152 people on your friend list? When the "Book" first came along for each generation I can only imagine that every person was frantically requesting everyone they remotely knew. Mailmen chillin' at the crib with 184 notifications and shit.

This is so stupid for a number of reasons. The second I found out this scallywag was putting my grillspot on her lower thigh I would un-friend and report this bitch so fast it wouldn't be the least bit funny. When she's getting denied job upon job in the future, she'll have to explain that all the faces on her body were "former" friends.

NOTE: It tells you to go to Youtube to watch it, which I HIGHLY recommend. I hate this chick so much.

-Thanks ER

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