Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Double Meaning Sign Is Killing It

Granted, I'm still rattled from the tornado/lightning storm, but I didn't get the funny in this sign for like 10 minutes. I stared at it like it was some sort of Salvador Dali painting. Questioning myself with, "Does hoeing refer to farming?" "Is that a church or the back of a farm?" Needless, dead-end questions.

Then I realized this may be the greatest quote for any dude between the age of 16-35. Pure unadulterated advice. You don't have to open a fortune cookie for this one. I've literally been casually asking the big guy about a good harvest for at least 11 straight years. It hasn't hit yet, but that doesn't mean a brotha doesn't need to bring in the crops for that season. Those tomatoes ain't going to buy shots for themselves (get it?). All in all, I learned a lot from this picture find and I hope you did too. So just check that informational box and let's just cut the bullshit.

PS. Follow me on Twitter. I'm shooting like 47% from the field on humorous tweets. All-Star numbers. @WMsDiary

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