Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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WTF Is Pottermore?

Seriously, J.K. Rowlings has got my balls by the vice grip right now. It's becoming a problem because I've been feverishly checking this god damn website like every 4.5 minutes just hoping for something. She said she was announcing it today and told us to click that fucking owl on the left, but I clicked it and got hoodwinked again. Shit took me to a Youtube video of her big fat joke announcement counter. I'm tired of seeing counters. Not trying to count 10 hours and 45 minutes down when you can very easily have a video telling us what these fucking owls are plotting on their branch perches. It's bullshit JK. You're like Oprah for me. I'll eat whatever you prepare.

Just let me know what's on the menu.

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