Monday, June 6, 2011

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This Dude Is Dead As Hell

EMBED-Quick Spinning Hook Kick KO - Watch more free videos

An embarrassing display of agility and the ability to dodge right here. Sidenote, this kid's dead. A simple case of running into a buzz-saw at the wrong time. The other kid was way too prepared for this. He definitely ate 2 boxes of Wheaties that morning and screamed profanities at his dog for an hour prior to this fight. Plus this other kid is wearing a helmet like a herb. I completely understand that if he didn't wear that helmet, his head would have exploded onto the crowd, but still. Go out with some pride. Be the guy that takes over for me tomorrow morning with the headline article, "Karate Competition Gets Ugly: Head Explodes From A Roundhouse Kick To Domepiece." Think about the 40 hour a week guys.

Now you're just going to die from an aneurysm in like 10 years because you didn't let you head explode on Come on man.

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