Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Here Lies the #1 PSA Ever To Be Viewed In Theaters

So apparently this clip is now shown at the Alamo Draft House Theater in Austin, TX before every R-rated film in place of the standard "Don't Talk or Text" PSA. This woman really had it coming with the outlandish customer complaint. Tim League, founder/CEO also added his own personal message on the theater's blog page in regards to the matter.

"Ma'am, you may be free to text in all the other theaters in the Magnited States of America, but here at our "little crappy ass theater," you are not. Why you may ask? Well, we actually do give a f*$k."

Jesus who is this dude Clint Eastwood? Better luck next time lady. Everybody knows she just wants free shit whether its movie passes or coupons. I envy the businessman who will tell a rude customer to stick it where the sun don't shine. I hope he sent a written letter as well to thank her for improving business through their fantastic new PSA. So badass.

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