Friday, June 17, 2011

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Pretty Sure Acid Rain Is Real

...Not that anyone questioned it’s existence or anything.

A drop of this seemingly fake substance flew into my eye at lunch today, and I haven’t been the same. Rockin' the hand-over-eye-excel-shortcut-swag all day. Been playing through the pain on my pirate shit from like 2:15 till now.

But come on, when the science teacher brought up the idea of acid rain, you didn’t really believe it right? That shit seemed so preposterous, that I just took an L on that question during quizzes and test. Any question pertaining to acid rain was just left blank because I’m baller and above those stupid concepts (kidding Mom, every question was answered and checked through twice).

Now I’m a believer. Shit’s real and 100% effective on partially blinding you for 3+ hours. Just another reason Northeast weather sucks—diluted sulfuric acid money shots.

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