Monday, June 20, 2011

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Get This Kid To A Sketchy Basement Dancefloor ASAP!

This was poetry in motion. Purely watching someone do something that they're meant to do.

I'm starting to plateau in regards to my array of dance moves. Currently, I have reached a crossroads in how to attack the dance circle. It's turning into double-dutch out there. You have a 0.05 second window to get in there and perform or else you're ass is the laughing stock of the sketchy basement, at which point you become the rattiest of the rats. I'm going to study this kid's moves all week to the point where I'll be better adjusted to make things happen out there.

This video raises serious questions about PEDs being used in the bar scene. This kid is going to be burnt out and addicted to steroids and painkillers before he can have his first beer.

PS. Old white dude at 0:42 is FASCINATED.

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