Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Old Man Gets His Moment In The Sun

The provided clip simply reassures the fact that there's still plenty of fun shit to do when you're old. The normal citizen in front seems to be very informative - spitting knowledge in regards to god knows what. But the only thing people are taking in is how awesome each particular animal noise comes out from my man on the left.

Just makes me that much more excited for the day I can perform this very action. Nobody's questioning the old man...Whether disgruntled or clueless, he proved his point. Some may jump to the conclusion that he's delusional, but I say he knows exactly what he's doing. Something about politics/TV crews/the world in general that doesn't sit right with him. Having a grand ol' time while making a statement the best way he knows how with the coolest shades ever to hit the streets.

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