Monday, May 16, 2011

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Making The First Move In A Facebook Friend Request

You ever have that person you just refuse to friend based solely on principle? We all do. For girls, it was that guy you kind of hit it off with at the bar that will undoubtedly friend you at 2:39am. For guys, it's guaranteed another dude. Guys have the hardest time legitimately making friends with one another. The process brings about some of the strangest interactions when two guys share interests. When I was younger, if you crushed video games and effed with the Power Rangers, we were good to go. As I got older, if you liked sports (real sports) we were like 98% there. And now, if you drink a couple beers, I will gladly be that black friend you can tell your other friends that you have. Sad part is, I don't even know if my standards have dropped or increased.

In the Facebook era though, you will not see many guys making the effort to friend another dude. It's pride. Like, what will I gain from befriending you on Facebook? Are you offering a 400K job? Do you work at the Playboy mansion, meaning that your pics are awesome? These are becoming the criteria to get a friend request out of me if you're a dude. And if I friended you within the past 2 years, I'm probably using you or going to use you at some point. It's not my fault, it's what Facebook intended of me.

Basically everything boils down to Chat Roulette. That shit showed where social media was heading. A bunch of dudes just trying to get girls to flash them through the internet. It means that there's no need to friend that co-worker dude that sits directly next to you that you drink with every Thursday. It means that kid you've played basketball with for the last few years ain't getting one either.

But you know that intern that you haven't spoken to yet, and probably never will? She'll get the combo-platter, aka the friend request, personal message, and poke.

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