Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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This Is The Saddest Kiwi I've Ever Seen

I want to take this poor little guy out to lunch and hear his problems. One of those situations where you don't say a word and just listen.

Like we've all been sad before. Things happen in our lives and you feel like shit for awhile. Believe me, I know. But pictures like this really put things in perspective for me. This is a kiwi in dire need of something. If he had any type of pose-able thumbs, I guarantee he tries to off himself. Donate this motherfucker to Working Man's Diary Corp. We will either gives this dude the best life he could possibly have with all the love in the world, or he dies within 3 days having a god damn blast. Either way it's got to be better than whatever he's going through now.

Mascot me one time!

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