Monday, May 9, 2011

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Bum Translation: Legitimate Business Idea?

Stay with me here, because on paper this shit seems like gold. I've had many an interaction with the homeless and I have to say that I rarely understand them. Not to knock the homeless (but to obviously knock the homeless), they're not the strongest linguists out there--especially when they're high on crack/cocaine/angel dust/PCP/Ashy Larry.

So I was watching the "Celebrity Apprentice" last night and one of the characters (Marlee Matlin) is deaf and has this bomb-ass interpreter. Dude is so on point that it's stupid. He's reciting like 4 conversations, while at the same time explaining what Marlee's signing. Incredible. What's stopping this dude from parlaying this career into some pro bono bum interpretation? Could have used his ass yesterday when this vagrant came onto my T spitting gibberish about the KKK and his social security check. Definitely didn't receive the message he was sending. Insert interpreter: "I just want to wish all of you and yours a happy mother's day." Instead of prompting the bus driver to interrogate him about crack possession and escorting him off the bus he could have instilled Mother's Day cheer for an entire T.

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