Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Craw Had A Better Memorial Day Weekend Than You

^he's not one to brag, so I will.

It'd be an understatement to say that I am honored to know this suave cat right here. The kid saw Memorial Day weekend and proceeded to smash it to pieces. Basically saying, "Yo Dub, sorry about the lack of posts. I was too busy killin' it at every facet of life."

If I told you one man could: make a girl fall in love with him without attachment for three days, burn down several dance circles, play the drums awesomely at two respectable venues in two nights, make two grown heterosexual dudes swoon over ukulele ballads, put up a respectable performance in "horse", win at bowling, crush a good majority of the food at a BBQ without actually cooking any, successfully make other girls intrigued/jealous by his overall actions,buy his mother a heartfelt (but not too heartfelt) birthday card, receive 4th row home-plate tickets to the Memorial Day Red Sox game for no reason, appear on TV throughout said Red Sox game, go out to dinner with his parents and receive praise for being a good son just minutes after saying goodbye to his weekend girl, and watch one of his favorite movies in the middle of a hungover Monday you would think I was crazy. I'm shocked too, but it all happened.

Soak it in. If I strung my last 14 weekends together, I couldn't come up with half of this. For that I'm pissed and really jealous, but I refuse to hate and will instead congratulate.

Craw, this was your weekend. Sadly, next weekend is probably going to be the worst of your life by comparison.

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