Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Good To See Alaska Is Still On Our Side

SportsNation Poll: Will the Boston Celtics win over the Miami Heat down 2-0?

God damnit Vermont. Where you at? I'll take Alaska as a part of New England due to their 4-of-7 votes in favor of the Celtics. Boston being down 2-0 to Miami has just put a strain on my body both physically and mentally. This is what I do at work...view any poll or comment section to confirm that everyone else has written off the 2010 Eastern Conference champs while feeling a major shortage in breath and chest pains.

This majority red map will tell you one of two things. 1 - People in the New England area have completely lost their grip on reality. 2 - Alaska knows something the rest of us don't. I'm gonna go with option 2. The most knowledgeable sports analysts could very well reside in Alaska (presumably 4 of them). I immediately drew a parallel from this poll to the game when Rajon Rondo tried to get in Miami's huddle. So Rondo is Alaska. Celtics win. Doesn't make sense? Your loss.

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