Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Who's Down To Get Rapture Drunk?

I've been thinking all day about how weird Friday night drinking is going to be with all this talk of the Rapture on Saturday. Worst case scenario being: dudes taking full glasses of moonshine to the face and girls making out with jukeboxes. It's going to be straight anarchy.

I obviously am not freaking out about this (eh..), but I'm just curious as to what's REALLY good with people quitting their jobs and buying bench ads about this stuff. That shit's on me. I definitely should have gotten to these people first and had WMD piggyback their strange needs for advertisement dollars. Craw needs some new sunglasses and I need to pay private investigators to find out where G is. It all wins out for both parties involved.

But seriously, I'm scared I will be crushing the strongest of strong alcohol tomorrow in a wild fit of depression. Like the "the world's going to end, might as well creep a few chicks out" lifestyle will be in full effect tomorrow.

Seriously, if this is my last will and testament, I would like to know..where the fuck is G?!

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