Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Always Knew This Picture Would Come Back To Haunt Me Someday

Baby Craw back in the day...T-Rex arms well rested on my already established pop belly. Double chin dangling to put just enough pressure on the top button to make the flavorful Hawaiian shirt rather unsettling. If only I knew the repercussions of this very photo as my parents set me up to take it...

Today at work I received a message from my co-worker on our company's trusted messaging program (Ghat) that read "yo homie...peep my profile pic." My god. Not only did the kid dive into the depths of my facebook profile to find this...he also cropped and positioned the picture in front of this pale background to match the oranges on my shirt (jesus man, tough day at the office?). Thus, baby Craw on display through technology for the entire office to see.

Some would think this could've played well for me. All the girls around maybe telling me how cute I was back then. Instead came a tornado of jokes such as - "Huh, see you had more hair on your head back then." "What happend to your style?" "Haha wow you look exactly the same (worst one of all)." Etcetera, etcetera, etc-et-er-a.

Eat your heart out readers. A pure representation of me rocking the most eccentric shirt I've ever owned.

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