Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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How Great Was The Idea of The Ab Tronic?

As we wait on this year's new version of the Shake Weight I wanted to take a moment and reflect on how brilliant the concept of The Ab Tronic was when it first came on the scene. I don't even know they're still selling these now but back then it was gold. The one workout device that could allow you to get a workout in while taking part in your daily routine of TV/eating whatever the fuck you want.

I'll never forget the day in seventh grade when I went to my buddy's house and he had the game on with a hefty plate of nachos by his side per usual. When I turned the corner to take a seat I noticed the device hooked to his gut as he gave me the biggest shit eating grin I'd ever seen.

He starts to dive into his whole master plan, saying "dude as long as this thing pumps electricity in my abs I can eat anything...You should get one it's only like three payments of $19.99." Two weeks and 15 pounds later - Ab Tronic's out the window. Despite the outcome it was truly a valiant effort on his part. Spare me the "maybe he should've just ate right and went to the gym" spiel.  Come on. Just not a realistic plan. It's all about finding ways to get results while continuing to be lazy. That said, hoping the 2011 version of Hydroxy-shake-tronic-flex could actually show and prove.

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