Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Is This The New Cyanide?

I'm thinking what you're thinking. What the fuck is the deal with the BBQ Chicken one? Yeah, I see you hiding back there. The execs over there really jumped outside the box on that one. Baby steps Candwich, baby steps. I get that you're making disgusting PB&J combos in a plastic container, but don't mess with the poultry. Has to be a 100% rate of salmonella in this right? Or it's that "chicken" McDonalds used before they started using "all white-meat chicken." Either way you're dead.

Would you choose a cyanide pill or eat (drink?) three containers of the BBQ candwich? I really can't decide. On the one hand, you know cyanide will wrap things up and kill you in a few minutes. Relatively painless. On the other hand, the BBQ chicken candwich looks like it would rip you to shreds from the inside out. You'll probably survive, but at what cost? No bathroom deserves that wrath.

There's no right answer.

PS. Easy Craw

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