Monday, May 16, 2011

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If These Things Become The New Fashion Craze I'll Be In Jail Within The Week

Are Peter Pan shoes REALLY what's hot in the streets right now? I was able to deal with Crocs. I turned a blind eye to skinny jeans. This is where I have to draw the line though.

This is the real sign of the apocalypse--not random birds dying in Arkansas or various natural disasters. Again, I'm probably the only one legitimately worried about this and everyone probably thinks I'm crazy. Main issue being: they originated in Mexico. Not to knock Mexico, but they straight up have no rules. I'm not even trying to joke. I can kill a previously purchased prostitute,snort cocaine off her dead body WITH a police officer and I can continue on my way to the hotel for Bloody Marys in the morning. They also had Swine Flu and that fucked up like 172 people. Can't trust this.

The moment I see someone in the states rocking these, you best believe I'm going rogue and Jack Bauer-ing my way to Mexico and destroying the factory from the ground up.

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