Friday, May 13, 2011

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If Someone Did This To My Cubicle I'd Probably Just Sit Down And Let Nature Take It's Course

So blogger's back and I'm tickled with emotion. First weird picture I saw on the internet was an automatic post. It's like a dog that really has to pee. You open the door and it starts pissing itself all over the place. No real control. That's kind of where this post is going. Nothing but a bear in the empty cubicle that's probably not in a real office. No real flash here, just a couple guys with an abundance of resources that decided to play and elaborate prank that probably has PETA up in arms.

Needless to say, postgrad life sucks and I'd be completely down to test the waters in this bear-cubicle scenario. Who knows, maybe me and the bear become decent friends and I can command him to do my bidding throughout the office. Have it get me coffee and creep on the intern and shit.

Just kidding, he'll probably wreck me in the most gruesome manner imaginable.

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