Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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You Know - Just A Couple New Perks At Work

What am I trying to depict here? Simple. Just a version of me in the office looking out at the azure from my new window, standing above the duel monitors I just snatched up to go along with it. Moving up in the working world in regards to the little things. The good life, if you will.

First off I'll confess the view isn't quite as spectacular as the only example I've provided you here. It actually looks onto the state highway and a small auto repair shop...but who's keeping tabs.

I know I sound like a nerd here - but duel monitors at work is one of the more baller things out there. This is key to getting people in other departments to believe I'm doing a shitload of work. It's demanding respect. I need two god damn screens to fit all my tasks in what's good? Power trips galore. New girls will be walking into the office thinking I'm one of the managers or some shit. A young hot shot. Might have a chance with them until they eventually see my true colors - just another entry level dude who somehow pulled down a sick desk and two screens. But until then...

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