Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Hilarious: In Japan "The Jersey Shore" Is Called "The Macaroni Rascals"

equals this?

This is easily the most offensive name of all time right? That's like calling a bunch of black people living together "The Watermelon Miscreants." It would literally be the most racist thing that ever happened. Like worse than slavery. That being said, I'm completely on board with this and find it absolutely hilarious. It sounds like a show that should be on Cartoon Network or something. Just a bunch of asshole kids solving crimes using only macaroni. Terrible show.

In all seriousness, Japan has been through some tough stuff over the last few months. They are allowed a couple questionable slip ups. Hell, I bet "The Macaroni Rascals" was like Plan E for MTV if a bunch of other shows didn't work out.

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