Monday, May 9, 2011

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How Many Kids Got Disowned Because Of This?

Granted that's a helluva deal, but when Mom finishes licking her fingers and wiping her hands with a WetNap, she is leaving you with the most defined handprint on your cheek. A smack heard round the world. If she doesn't follow up with some type of disowning document, than I just don't know anymore. Clearly the obvious Mother's day play is flowers and the even more obvious play is a nice card--play 5999 out of 6000 is Hooters. 6000 being getting them not one, but two Wafflemakers in a 3 year span. Sorry Mom.

We know you like boobs man, but can you just tone it down for one brunch? Maybe grab a couple omelets, maybe a Mimosa. Leave the wings for another night bro.

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